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Default my relationship is my relationship - or is it?

Thank you for all your helpful advice in the past.... so I hope you can help me on this one too.

I am very good at compartmentalizing my life and relationships. Basically I live with the “I manage my life/relationships, you manage yours” way of thinking. But I feel that my partners other partners are trying to tell my partners (one in particular) what and how our relationship should be, when we can see each other and what is permitted.

Been there, done that and not going down that road again so...

I have repeatedly said “I can manage my own relationships, thank you very much” but they don’t seem to get it. How do I help them understand that? I am single, run a successful business and have relationships with 2 men. I don’t really have allot of time for a primary relationship and don’t want one at this point, but I will not allow anyone to dictate what my relationships will be or not be.

Now don’t get me wrong, I get that their relationship has its limits that must be incorporated into what my relationships are but they cannot define my relationships. Or am I just a selfish person for wanting them to understand this.
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