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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
My sister called me and told me that my mother opened up to one of her brothers about my "new" relationship (after a year LOL). I wonder where this will go with my parents. They live across the country so it's not as if meeting my chosen family is easy. If they were closer I am sure they would embrace them. That in itself fills me with warmth I would to share a family supper with them sometime.
That's awesome!! My parents (all 4) know GG and Maca.My grandparents on my mom's side also know both of them, but they know GG as a "friend", they do know he's the bio-father of our little one. My dad's parents I don't have contact with.
Maca's dad knows and is fine with everything, his wife I haven't met, but I assume she's aware since he's a motormouth like me. Maca's mother we don't have contact with.
GG's parents know all of us, and know we live together, know about our little one, but don't know about our "lifestyle" because we haven't had contact with them in nearly 2 years.
My blood siblings know and are all ok with it. My step siblings don't know-but I dont' see them much (we're all grown and busy lives). They KNOW GG, just not intimate details. I haven't SEEN any of them or talked to them in over a year. THe youngest-used to live here, knows the emotional relationship between GG and I-but we havent been in touch recently-when we are, I don't expect he'll care one way or another!!
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