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Originally Posted by PolyAshley View Post
Even though she admits that she is falling for him, she says that she can't share (meaning him) she has no problem with me and she is not the kind of person to want to break us up or anything she has made that very clear to both of us.
I hope the bold part is true. I say this because she is dangerously close to being what some folks would call a "cowgirl", that is, a monogamous person poaching someone from an open relationship. They go in, develop feelings, and try to break up the relationship so they can ride off into the sunset on someones [former] boyfriend.

If I were to give him any advice, it would be to raise my eyebrow and ask him "You are sure she doesn't want us to break up?"

Originally Posted by PolyAshley View Post
I guess my question is am I giving him the right advice?
Assuming she isn't a cowgirl, I think "let it play out the way it naturally wants to" would be good all purpose advise.
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