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And just in case you all mistakenly think I've got my shit together, Battle of the Mold Day One is not a fun day. Mold has spread, cellar is dark (so I can't see how much it's spread), I got overwhelmed, and the "GAH! WHY ARE YOU NOT HOME TO HELP MEEEEE?!?!?!" feelings spewed forth like a spiteful little fountain. Oy.

P got me to breathe again ("BUT I WANNA FIX IT ALL NOOOOOWWWWW!!!"), was extremely reassuring, and I finally calmed down enough to put on my crappy clothes, mix up some bleach, vinegar, and water, and kick some fuzzy white ass.

Luckily, a friend had a dehumidifier and wet-vac he wasn't using, so those are now my happy little robot slaves in the war as well (with a set of my own coming from Craigslist tomorrow). As long as the mold doesn't perform some Skynet type of maneuver, I'll be fine.

You may be gaining territory, mold, but I'm like Australia in Risk. Don't count me out, and don't mess with me.
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