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Originally Posted by Niesha25 View Post
Hello..... so here it goes. I really don't know where to start. But I met something who told me about this site. I've only been talking to him for about 2 days I would say. We did email each other before but we just really got into talking about our personal life. So he has just let me into his life style. He was scared that I would run away,but long story short. He gave me some history about it. I'm interested but still scared. I don't feel like I'm a jealous person but I still like to know that the person I'm with in for me. I am attracted to him and he's really intelligent. Which is very rare with most guys my age. Well anyways for starters I would just like to know, how would I go by doing this? I don't want to run away because I believe he's a good person and I don't want to miss out on that. But how do I deal with the poly part?
Hun I was in the same situation. I found myself attracted to a man who was poly and it seemed very new and scary, but I didnt feel innatley jelous so I thought i could try it out. Its been 5 months and it has been really challanging but beautiful. I have only been seeing him, but he has seen other girls. my number 1 reccomendation is to become active around here. the people on this forum have helped me tremendously. also read read read everything there is about polyamory. best of luck love
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