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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
OP, if you are in "poly" relationships AND you have been successfully writing/performing your own material for however long, why don't you write jokes about YOUR experiences and perspectives, which is what stand -up comics DO, instead of worrying about what "message" the "poly community" wants to send to YOUR audiences. Just because a person doesn't want to out themselves in an anonymous message board such as this does not make that person less noble than you are just because you use a screen name that can be associated with your comedy "career".
I didn't ask for other people's experiences. Although if someone wants to share a humorous story, I will certainly enjoy that, albeit I will NOT use it in my material because I do only use experiences that I have been direct witness to, which is rare, albeit I usually write about experiences that happen directly to me.

I only asked for key points of interest that other people felt are important. Yet still I get advice as to how I probably shouldn't have posted this by people who clearly either didn't read it, or don't understand. I don't know what you DO for a living or for hobbies (which is what this is for me because the money I make at it at this level doesn't pay for my food/beverage tab on those evenings) but I don't go to a surgeon and tell them how to cut or to someone who builds model air planes and tell them how they should build their model. But if a surgeon asked me if I wanted a scar to be in some place obvious or less obvious or if the model builder asked me what paint scheme I liked I would give my opinion.

I don't have any problem with someone remaining anonymous. I have a problem with them posting as if they know what they're talking about because they say they have a bit of experience, but clearly not enough to say anything that has any validity and doing that under the guise of anonymity.

So I will ask again, if you don't want to state what key things you feel are important to those outside of this forum to understand, just resist the urge to tell me how to do research for my material. Thank you.
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