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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
But "I love you and I want to be with you. I want a monoship shape for my romances. You don't. It seems like an impasse for romantic love. We're better off letting romance go and sharing friendship instead." I could deal with -- and still want to be friends and spend time with this person.
So much agree, GG - you've said what I wanted much more eloquently than my blather.

for the things you have trouble accepting, work towards personal growth so you can accept it.
This is fine if the things you have trouble accepting are things that you want to be able to accept.

There are loads and loads of things that I don't accept as being okay - I don't want to see those things as being okay. It really irritates me when people suggest that I should work to get over things I don't accept.

It does happen fairly regularly. I'm often questioned about my lack of desire to have children and encouraged to get over it, to just have one, to figure out that life is meaningless without children.

I don't go around asking that nobody else has children and I don't force my childlessness on partners. It's just people who want children or have children, are not likely to become partners of mine.
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