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Originally Posted by TRBG View Post
Speaking as someone who's also done a bit of comedy I have to ask what open mic or showcase are you playing that gets "a few hundred" in the audience?
I found your clip ( With all due respect you really do need to work on writing your own material. Just keep writing and bouncing ideas off your friends, it'll formulate.
Wow!! So far 2 out of 3 replies have been more criticism than help.

1st of all you grabbed a video from a showcase where almost my entire set was brand new material. Props to you for looking me up. I tried to look you up too, but apparently you are too good to post your real name. You won't find videos of my polished material. I don't publish those videos for anyone searching to find. I suppose you probably feel the same way as well which is why you didn't bother to pose a link to a video from one of your sets. Find a bootlegged video of even big named comics such as Patton Oswalt and the likes, trying out brand new material in front of an audience. It's not pretty. As someone who's done a "bit of comedy" I would expect you would already know that. As well, I would expect you to know that this IS working on writing my own material.

I perform primarily at 3 different clubs in AZ. One seats about 80, one about 100 and the other seats 550. At the one I do shows at that seats 100 I sometimes do two shows in a night. The smaller venues are usually range from very close to sold out to standing room only. The larger venue usually gets 200-350. While generally my talent level is that of an opener, I have featured a couple of times. So, no, I'm not yet headlining clubs across the US, but frankly, some of the "open-mics" in the Phoenix area get more support than most comedy shows throughout the rest of the US.

Frankly, I'm not sure why my talent and credibility are in question here. I merely asked for input from the poly community about the message people here would like to see delivered. Obviously, I didn't need to ask for the opinions of the community as I have clearly outlined what I thought was and wasn't key. If you're not interested in stating your opinion about those points or simply agreeing or disagreeing with my outlined points feel free to move on without comment.

I generally do not even bother to respond to these kinds of statements, but I feel that was over the top and needed to be addressed.

If you have any further non-productive, albeit respectfully due, comments you would like to share with me, TRBG, please feel free to send them to me via a private message. I will gladly entertain them there, but I would really prefer to keep this thread from getting bogged down with questions and concerns about me.

Thank you.
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