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Good afternoon.

No change on the poly front. It is not a taboo topic in our home. It is just not one that is discussed in great detail. I am currently renewing a friendship with Si, but it is in the beginning stages. I have laid out my personal boundaries and made it clear that it is strictly platonic and will continue to be. So far, so good. I had lunch with her on Monday, but it was only before I checked with DH to make sure he would not be available. He was tied up with work, so it worked out. I disclosed the information, and he said nothing about it. It is filed under non-issue.

My daughter has still not said a peep about her. I am not sure what the deal is what that. It is like Si does not even exist to her. Surely she has not forgotten about her. She has not seen her cousins, grandparents, or any of her friends in London since we moved, but she asks about them all the time. My hands are tied on this front, so I am not pushing for her to be around Si or even acknowledge her. She is her father's child; stubborn and strong-willed.

Everything else is going really well. We are all loving it here and all settled in. I am grateful for the amount of time we took in deciding to relocate. If we had done this on a whim, it would not have been such an easy transition. Our son is enjoying being at a nursery. I am quite happy that he will be interacting with children his age. Naturally, I had reservations, but he is thriving and doing well. Our daughter loves her school. I could do without being there every day. Class reps meetings, parent association meetings, church services, music carnivals, parent/teacher interviews, etc. Next week is the start of book week. There is truly something every day. I need to look at the app now and see if there are any events tomorrow.

The cost of living is much lower than London, which is quite surprising. The housing market is about what and what, though. The cost of education and nurseries are slightly more costly here. Our total for their respective tuitions will be over $50k per annum. His tuition is double the cost of her education at GGS. Insane. His tuition will go down as he ages up. Hers will pretty much increase every year. The most drastic increase will happen in January 2014. The great news is that he can stay at that particular facility until he turns five, and then, he will be eligible head to prep. We also have the option to enrol him in the school's early learning centres as young as three, which would help secure him a spot in the subsequent years. Though he is only one, we were advised to secure his spot now. I would never ventured a guess that some of the admissions processes were so competitive. E.g. My daughter's school offers families the option to basically buy their way to the top of the list by securing a $3k bond. I see why it is more cost effective to have a nanny now.

I am loving it here, and I love our home. We have plenty of space because I have been feeling a bit broody, and we have decided to TTC in the future. Right now, we are focused on repairing our marriage, though. It would not be fair to our children and any future duckies to not be on solid footing and stable. We have discussed the prospect of having more children, and we are on the same page. I am delighted by this. I am thrilled about creating, carrying, and bringing new life in to the world again. I loved the feeling of my babies growing inside of me.

All in all, we are taking it one day at a time. I am still keeping DH/Si apart, so there have been no fireworks. Things have settled down, and they are taking on their new shape. I look forward to seeing how things end up.

I am off to work on dinner. My little duckies should be home within the hour, and I have missed them quite terribly today.

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