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Default Not the end....of course not

So since I last posted MD and I have been solid and still connected as friends. We've been communicating so much better without the pressure of it all. Which led to her sharing that for her the pressure was to be involved with FJ. That the connection and relationship we have is so much more important to her and she always wants it. No matter what. We spent all night talking and had a really amazing time. I spent the night last night and all day with her and our girls. So triad no more-just me as the V. Despite other relationships in her or my life-we want each other. And can I say it feels amazing to hear her say she's feeling how I am. The triad thing is complicated. Her and FJ didn't make the connection and I'm so thankful it didn't fuck up what I have with her. FJ is happy-he didn't feel like he could give more of his time and energy to another relationship. And he is loving and supportive and glad MD and I still have each other. Of course what we have is sexual-but it's so much more than that and we are both in it.
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