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It's nice of the consideration and interest to invite you, though it sounds from your description that she likely feels some insecurity too. Given time and more familiarity, I'd assume that would become less of an issue.

I'd also agree that it's best if people are in a relationship because they gain from and desire it and aren't using it as an escape to "run away" from something else, though it doesn't seem like that's the case (she likely wouldn't have gotten her husband involved in that case).

Like most any relationship, I'm certain it can take some investment in time and patience to pass by the growing pains and build up greater familiarity and trust, and hopefully gain something quite valuable and special ... of course I can only give you my $0.02 worth, though it appears you basically said the same with "It's a work in progress". I've found in most things that generally you get what you invest in something and that the only things I've come close to regretting in life were the opportunities I let slip past and not the ones I put myself into (whether they succeed or fail doesn't matter as much as whether or not I know I gave it my best - you can't pick the cards life hands you, but you can determine whether or not you played a good game with what you were given).

Best wishes for all of you

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