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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Today I felt profoundly lonely. I suppose that might be why I am posting. Sitting in that and wondering why. Trying to find the space in my heart that say I am not lonely I am having me time. I am not alone. I am loved and people aren't leaving just doing other things. Its hard to do when sometimes there is so much silence compared to before. Its good that there is. I chose that, but I misread it sometimes.
It's possible that your brain is telling you that you've started to pull away from people too much. Maybe it's time to reach out and re-connect for an hour with someone you've been pulling away from. It's easy to go from one extreme to the next until no matter what we do, it's not healthy. Me time is great, until it's not, then it's time to reach out to others. Just take it slow and make baby steps. It's easy to go from nothing but me time to being overwhelmed with socializing. Reach out, have some me time, then reach out again, etc.

When I start feeling lonely, and then sorry for myself, I have to stop and think - Have I called anybody just to see how they were doing lately? Have I suggested a group of us meet for coffee lately? Usually the answer is NO. I've found excuse after excuse to isolate myself, including sitting alone at the kids ball game. Part of me says, you like to be alone and you like your me time, but... at some point, it's time for me to make the first step in reconnecting with certain people. I am going through this right now. After spending every weekend with certain people for 3 month straight, I pulled back for 2 months - now I'm missing everyone and need to make an effort to fix it.
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