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christianity (whatever sect your looking at, even all of them)


it's like the english teacher that has overanalized a book for their class, "why did the writer use this color?" -to symbolize ....

ask the writer and find out the teacher is a bigger quack then the doctor who just got his license yanked.

everyone else has decided they know what messages jesus was trying to teach, yet, ... have you ever looked at it ?

"free will", ... or gods will be done ???
"unconditional love" ... on one condition ... ???

and stories are created by learned "christians" about symbolism about what everything means.

you love your children right ?, ... would you punish the good child because the other did something bad ?

it was a guy hundreds of years after the death of jesus that decide "jesus died for our sins" this was a guy who had never met him, never talked with him, ... even the apostles who were closest to jesus didn't come to this conclusion. wouldn't judas been seen as more the hero as he enabled jesus to be the one that enabled jesus to die for our sins ?

many stories are created after the fact to explain problems with inaccurate conclusions by other people prior to them, ... instead of reanalyzing the initial conclusion and wondering "i don't think that's really what it was about"


then you've got many people looking to what's in scripture and interpreting some things as symbolic, other things as literal, stating everything is the divine commandment of the lord.

don't eat shrimp
don't eat pork
men should not sleep with other men.

well we know shrimp and pork can be carriers of some pretty nasty diseases ... this sounds like health advice not some commandment of god.

have a look at the "men shall not sleep with other men" and you find "because this is discussing" ... really ??? that doesn't sound like an all-loving god, that sounds like a homophobe.

health advice, a homophobe, considerations for a time when without men the population would die off ... doesn't sound very divine at all, just ways to stay alive and look out for future generations.


i've got less an issue with the bible and more an issue with how it's practiced.

the view that it's against polygamy, ... it wasn't till about 300 years after jesus died that a roman emperor who declared war to kill christians declared an end to polygamy, jesus lived in a time polygamy was accepted and the bible states rules for when a man should be married to more than one woman.


it's easy to push a view you insist is right if you ignore everything to the contrary and exile everyone who sees things in a different light or wants to question things so that they may better understand.
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