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Thanks for the warm welcome
Just out of curiosity, what did you do, or how did you overcome, the feeling of being a third wheel? In our relationships they both go out of their way to NOT make me feel that way, but it's when we are out in the public that I get that feeling more than anything. When we go out to eat, it's welcome Mr and Mrs X and then me. We were on vacation just the beginning of this summer down in Mexico and I had guys from the resort hitting on me thinking I was there with my BFF and her husband. I realize it's mostly in my head but it just sucks knowing that say for instance, something were to happen to one of them and they in the hospital, the other would have a right to see them in ICU being the spouse, and I stand a chance of not even being allowed in since I'm not legally related in any way.
Other than that, it's wonderful
On a happy note, I found out I will be spending my birthday with them once again this year in December. I only have 5 months to wait now before seeing them again!!
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