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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Today I felt profoundly lonely. I suppose that might be why I am posting. Sitting in that and wondering why. Trying to find the space in my heart that say I am not lonely I am having me time.
I kind of think that the feeling of being lonely is something that most of us have at one time or another - just like feeling jealous or angry or sad. It's a normal part of our emotional repertoire, IMO.

For me, it's just a thing - human beings are a sociable species. We need each other and so of course, if any of us are going through a time of feeling like we need somebody there in the moment and we are alone, we are likely to feel lonely.

I use facebook a lot when I feel that way - I have so many friends around the place that there is usually somebody to chat with or someone putting something interesting up.

To be honest, I'd be much more worried about myself if I never felt lonely and was able to meet all my needs myself. Needing each other is part of being a human being, IMO and I think that losing that is a huge problem. (of course, needing each other is a spectrum - I have friends who cannot bear to be alone even for a few hours and others who will happily take off for a week's camping trip alone, not see another soul and be absolutely fine about it).

I remain slightly disturbed by the UK's focus on CBT as the counseling method of choice. I understand and see very much why it works and I think that sometimes it may be useful (although there seems to be little evidence for its efficacy) - but I have a massive problem with the notion that each of us as an individual must fix ourselves. Human beings work better in groups and collectively and very often when there is something wrong, it is something wrong in our living environment and not in our own heads - trying to change ourselves to fit in with a poor living environment is not a good way to go, IMO. I often think that those of us who tend towards independence and doing our own thing would benefit from spending time working our way into communities and trying to remain in them.

I hope you feel better.

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