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Originally Posted by TRBG View Post
A reoccurring girlfriend (who got me into Game of Thrones) and a former coworker I'm interested in are both into True Blood. Is it worth binging on or should I start questioning my tastes in women?
Game of thrones is awesome..

I am.. hit of miss on true blood. I wish bill and sookie would just drop dead and leave the rest of the show to continue. I dislike both characters quite a bit.

Pretty much the only tv I watch is HBO/Showtime. I have binged almost every show on there, but True blood has been the one I have been most "meh" about.. It has some amazingly hot sex scenes (seriously it could be softcore porn sometimes), It has some interesting twists and plots.. It has always had a tonne of potential... untill bill or sookie talk... he's beyond annoying and shes dumb as shit and whiney *groan*...

Everyone I know is into it, so never question your interest in someone due to the shows they watch ..
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