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Okay, while all this drama is going on I'm going to try and also use this to not lose myself.

Ask me various questions about who I am (either in here or PM) and I'll give them a post talking about it.

But to get myself started:

I'm a homemaker trapped in a 9-5 business world. Any time I work any regular "job" for more than 6 months I start to realized I'm completely unfulfilled being in the work force. Mentally I'm driven to want to take care of a home and spend my time crafting (painting, drawing, making jewelry, glass painting, photography, knitting). I love the arts (including performance such as fire and burlesque) and want to be able to spread them throughout the world. That's where I want to dedicate my time and energy to (and have it be what I have coming in as extra cash).

But I can't. Having work control my life from pretty much 7:30 till 5 doesn't leave much time to dedicate.

I've recently made a (hopefully) 10 year plan that now needs to be altered slightly with the relationship changes (stop that). But the main idea is once Woodsmith starts a job that has insurance (the big reason I need a full time job ATM) stop full time work and go down to part time (no more than about 20 hours a week if I can) so I can start dedicating to that. Then if/when he makes enough for me not to have to work, leave the work force and just focus on that.
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