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Originally Posted by MrSteve View Post

I don't want to subtract or throw away what's already there, but just add to it, grow it, share it etc. and not cut things into pieces or exclude parts etc. ... Spaghetti AND meatballs, not Spaghetti OR meatballs
That's exactly what I tell them! I often tell them that all I want to do is add to their happiness and never take away from that. At times it feels that they are so worried about how I might feel that they don't focus on themselves.

Last Friday they went to the movies since I had prior plans. She kept asking about my feelings and and felt really bad they were going without me. I honestly didn't have a problem with it at all. It makes me happy that they are happy and I told her they need to focus on them too. I told her if their unit wasn't strong them we can't be strong.

It's a continued work in progress, but I find most things in life are.Thank you all for reading and offering insight. I value each and every one of your comments.

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