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More messy feelings today.

So Seven left today. My ear is horribly clogged so all the upset about the following I was able to pass off as just being in pain from that.

1) I'm scared about the fact he's leaving for a week while we are not in a good place.

2) I feel like he's disappointed in me because I'm not doing okay with everything.

3) I feel hurt still because I feel like anything I need isn't going to be addressed with Lamian because he's too afraid to muddy the waters with her.

4) I'm hurting because the last time we were sexual felt like a good-bye and even though we both got to a point that we wanted each other yesterday we couldn't because Lamian was going to be home when we got back from the Shut-Ins (wouldn't allow us that) and there's no privacy there.

5) I'm terrified that since we aren't doing okay that while he's gone everything is just going to fall apart.
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