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Hi ktd26417 thanks for the welcome, it is a amazing pool of knowledge here.

Hi it's darknights wife here.
No she didn't want me out of the picture she just wanted time alone with him.And the strange thing is I did let her have time with him but it was never enough in her eyes.

In regards to the respect thing it did throw up a wall between me and her as i cared for her and her daughter and to find out she didn't respect me hurt me immensely i felt betrayed.

Things are still simmering for me i don't feel good about myself at the moment.I feel that i was joke to her and things are going to take a while to heal.

Thanks for listening to me as its hard not having other people to talk to about how i am feeling apart from my husband.glad to know we are not alone out there and other people have gone through or are going through the same thing as us.

Really appreciate you listening... :-) from mrs darknight

Also a big thank you to all other members who have shared there thoughts with us means a lot.
We have never ever in our lives posted on a forum, so a big thanks to you all !
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