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Hi Natja

Thank you so much for your comments and thoughts.

And straight away Thank you to all.....

Yip it stinks alright but i have been working on it since...

Yes we didn't even think that was all scripted i know crazy aye...we just keep learning stuff on this site its so intriguing.. and during the show a few things made us cringe, but we are not sure what is right or wrong we try very hard not to judge, so i'm very interested in other peoples point of views.

Thank you for pointingnout that its a difficult task to try and maintain this type of relationship and mimicking the show wouldnt really help.

In another introduction you made a post towards a lady yellowbird that she should not do it or get involved and so did many others.

This was a very similiar situation to us and our ex girlfriend but we are 2.5 years down the track and you guys were right..

So after reading your guys comments i stood up and told her that she had nothing and that was my fault. i said to her that she risked it all while me and my partner risked nothing. We were extremely unfair to her and i would be more than willing to give her life back to her no questions. I offered her job back when ever she wanted with no pressure at all i said that she could train with us anytime she wanted and hang out with all the friends we made together through trainning as i am an instructor, i offered my complete and utter support for her and daughter i told that i want to give her life back as it was unfair for us to have done this to her.. I told her that i would respect her more than i have been and so would my wife we had been listening to our own insecurities. I told her this because i believe if we start respecting how she was feeling about the whole situation she would begin to respect us again... So thats what i've done

She was a bit overwhelmed by it.. And she said but i have caused you so much pain and i told her that you deserve to have all this in your life because you took the risk and its unfair of me to take it away just because you dont fit into our box..

Now we have taken a risk that we should have done sooner and thats giving everything back. And not asking for anything, and i just hope this will heal a few hearts so we can start to heal a little and remember why we used to be such good friends..

I hope this was the right thing because man i'm in trouble if its not.

And if your wandering i did not make issue with regards to relationship stuff
It would be great if we could just at the mo get along a little..
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