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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
Oh LR you are soooooo bad ! In such a good way.
Actually I was kind of rushed on that and I missed that 'dependency' totally ! I'm slacking. LOL

Let's call it an 'intentional' dependency Like lights on the car - we chose to put them there because it made night driving less dangerous. Now they are standard issue and we can't imagine life without them.

Oh if only you knew!
Sure-I'm good with intentional dependency.
I think that's more what people mean when they say (based on the people I know-not trying to be too general)
that they NEED a close loving relationship and bond before having sex, it's not that they CAN NOT have sex with someone otherwise-it's that they have already found that HAVING that close loving relationship and bond in place makes it better (safer, more enjoyable, less problematic aftermath...) therefore they require it of themselves.
So Yes-like headlights-they have an intentional dependency (that would be me!)
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