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I wanted to thank you again, VernalBliss for sharing with us (ok me!) your story and emotions. It's nice to "see" things from your perspective and you put a smile on my face for certain and helped give me a better picture of what I'm looking for also

There have been opportunities for me to be involved with someone else but I've passed a lot of those by and I think I know partly why ... my wife really is a big part of my life and is a great lady in many ways - your story stuck (and the beautiful sentiments) in my head and a couple days ago it really hit me what that "ideal" is that I'm looking for (there was a book I was reading too along similar lines) and basically it's just someone else who can be a part of my life and love my wife and family too ... just that "big happy family" - I don't want to subtract or throw away what's already there, but just add to it, grow it, share it etc. and not cut things into pieces or exclude parts etc. ... Spaghetti AND meatballs, not Spaghetti OR meatballs

Thanks for the inspiration!
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