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If you really feel the need/desire to meet them, you may consider meeting them one at a time and with him being present. When he is present, I would think the boundaries will be more secure. Surely she wouldn't talk to you about him as if he isn't even there. I find that spending time together (with him and her) releases a lot of unnecessary pressure that can build up. It also let's you see how he will hold the boundaries and interact with both of you.

An analogy: I used to sell Interior Decorating franchises. I would interview prospective Franchise Owners and we would get to the point where they needed to create a business plan. Often times, a person would come back to me and say "I can't create a business plan." and my response was "Then you can't run a business."

Likewise: If a person can't entertain two of his/her partners over dinner and walk away with both of them feeling good about the dinner and about him......then that person will probably not be able to pull off the multiple relationships in question.

In fact- A guy that can successfully have 3 female partners in his life should be able to impress all three of you during a dinner date and he should be able to do this periodically.

I know people will disagree with this and you may be able to change my mind- but that is how I feel about it right now.
The key to life is in being fully engaged and peacefully detached simultaneously and authentically in each moment.

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