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Originally Posted by VernalBliss View Post
All of a sudden I find myself in a world that never even existed to me. ...................
I have never felt so comfortable or right in my life. That alone scares me to death because shouldn’t this feel wrong?
What an absolutely beautiful story ! Thank you SO much for sharing this with everyone !

It "should" feel wrong because we have been programmed that happiness and contentment are dangerous. It gives us more of a feeling of freedom. And if you are free you are harder to control ! And if you can't be controlled you are a threat.

But as your heart - and even head - are telling you - it FEELS right. And, at least for now, based on what you have shared, it IS right - for all of you ! And it's beautiful.

Originally Posted by VernalBliss;
Of course it’s hurtful and makes me question everything. Of course I am scared and I don’t want to get hurt, but this feels so right to me.
Originally Posted by VernalBliss;
I tell myself even monogamous relationships come with risks and I should enjoy the present and not worry. They assure me that they’re in this for the long haul and I have become very important in their life. They both are great to me.
Life comes with risks ! Right ?
But people come (and sometimes go) in and out of our lives for reasons we sometimes don't understand. But the reasons are important. There's wisdom there waiting for us to embrace.
So if it were me (and it has been) I would embrace this, savor it, celebrate it but NOT cling to it. It is what it is - today - and it's beautiful and special. In one sense it will always be eternal. In earth/human time there's no projecting. But that can't diminish it's importance & beauty - unless you choose to.
Don't try to "possess" it - just flow with it and be happy.

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