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Originally Posted by starlight1 View Post
I too dont understand why i cant just be lovers with him and when it ends it ends, but he wants some one who can be sealed to him, for many reasons. One he as CF, the other, being it is quite common for a man in this relgion and woman to fall in love and within 6 months get eternally married. I dont even know if its possible to find the right person to be eternally married to, nonetheless with in 6 months! It seems to me this religion does dating all backwards...

I hae taken 3 years and sorting out my life (divorice and other issues) to realise that polymory exisited, what it meant for me, and only just getting to the point of..."what do I do now"....I dont want to commit eternally yet...
Hi Starlight,

Well, first off, being a non-theist I'm at a bit of a disadvantage in having much to say about how your particular theism plays into your confusion and struggle. For example use of the term "sealed" is totally foreign to me so I don't know how that factors in.

But I can offer one view that is held by large numbers of people - people who you would no doubt consider 'spiritual'.
It is this...........

When two people bond at a 'soul' level (whatever that term means to an individual) it is recognized that that bondIS eternal ! It the root that love springs from. But there's no implication in that whatsoever that there's any earth-time requirement attached. The understanding is that BECAUSE of this bond - this connection - that there's an unvoiced understanding that you are both there to support each other's journey - be it physically together or apart - for whatever 'time' is the right time for each.

At that point & level, topics like marriage - and maybe this 'sealing' (?) etc become secondary and just operational concerns. The fundamentals remain - forever. It nothing we even have control over so the idea of discussing them or writing them or anything else is a moot exercise. It is what it is, and one of the biggest wonders of the universe !

Don't know if that will even make sense to you......

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