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I suppose I should have clarified for my group, and for right now, our rule #1 is to move as slowly as the most reserved person in the group.

Other rules that occasionally become #1:
1. Openness and honesty- Not only with others in the group but also within each individual.
1. Clarity in communication-be as clear as you can be when communicating with others in the group. No hemming and hawing and dancing around the topic at hand. Be forthcoming in your communication, don't hide your primary message under a bunch of not-as-important communication.
1. Respect- respect yourself, others in the group, and those whom we call friends. And expect respect in return- from each of us and from those we call friends.
1. Take joy in each other- treasure the moments we are together and enjoy the knowledge that we are better as a group. When apart enjoy the solitude and know that we are still there for each other, we're just a phone call away.

Lots of rule #1s
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