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Thank you so much for your comments really means alot.

We do feel alone as there's not many people we can talk to about this.
But not so alone now...

No we didn't have clear agreements at the all just sort of happened. Its something we didnt really think of.

I think we were just a bit naieve which is sad to say.

And no we had no idea that she had a different agenda. Was her agenda to steal me away? But she new i would not be happy if that happened.

I dont think we can sit down.. its a complete communication break down at the moment i tried today but i think to many hurtful things have been said by her and myself. I want us to communicate but one thing that has come up the really broke the camels back for us when she said she does not respect my wife but my wife has cared for her so much.

We were both devasted by the comment.. Not sure if we shouldve been...

And you are so right our now ex girlfriends emotions go through the roof and her actions are uncontrollable... We keep saying its because of the situation

This sounds so one sided i wish she would put up her story and get peoples opinion so we could get a view from that side..

Thank you so much for your observations so far. Its hard to see anything beyond the hurt
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