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Default Not sure what we are

Hi there this is our intro about the situation we have been going through and are in, thank you for giving me a place to write this down

Me and my partner have been involved with a close female friend of ours for the past 2 years. She has a daughter that we have pretty much adopted as our own at age 12 now. It has been some wonderful times and there has been some horrendous fights.

It all started with us helping her with troubles she had in life and she helped us with business as we were struggling to sort that as well and she wanted to get into business as well.

Now things are all in ruins, jealousy took its toll in the end.

Me and my partner are hurt she is hurt and we are not talking with her even today her daughter came and watch a movie with us and when I dropped her off she would not talk with me.

I really loved them all and have been real confused about things.

Me and my partner just watch the show polyamory married and dating and found huge similarities with the triad the only difference we were all exclusive to each other so i'm not sure if that's poly.

We are still confused about all of this. Because she had jealousy issues we tried to let her meet someone else but she struggled because she didn't want to risk losing us. She kept wanting my self, the male to her self which tore me in two. I felt like I had cheat on my wife to make her happy and I didn't want to do this. I wanted us to share time together but we fought about it and eventually we have broken up with her.

My partner feels really rejected by her and now wants to quickly move on so she can get her self esteem back.

This has been a real rollercoaster ride but.. after watching the show maybe we needed to share more with her but when my partner did it she seemed to focus more on me... we just don't know..

Well that's our intro.. hope too many people didn't drift off to sleep
any comments would be appreciated.. and I suppose there is so much more to the story..
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