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My experience has been that the more comfortable and matter-of-fact I am about my relationship dynamic, the easier it seems to be for others in my life to accept it.

I don't go out of my way to exclaim my polyness but willl explain as necessary. As an example, I had a picture of me, R and rosevett at Christmas time as wallpaper on my work computer. It got a few odd looks but only one coworker actually asked me who those people were.
I responded "That's my boyfriend"
He asked "Well, who is she?"
And I said "That's his other girlfriend"
A moment's pause, then my coworker said "Well I could introduce you to this swinging couple I know at the conference this year."
I said "It's not swinging, it's called polyamory. Look it up, but not on your work computer"

The four of us attend various work functions together, our families are all aware for the most part and we simply behave in public like we would with anyone we loved.

I understand that for some people, the risks and discomfort associated with being out are just too much.
For me, it is just too much not to be open about who I love and how we all relate to each other.
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