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Originally Posted by redsirenn View Post
Poly can very well mean that sex isnít involved. There are lots of ways that people love and express that love. There are also many sexual or non sexual states that people fall into. Poly can mean WHATEVER anyone wants it to mean, am I wrong here?
NOPE-you are correct redsirenn. My apologies for being unclear.
I DO believe it's VERY possible to have a polyamorous relationship that does not include sex.
In complete honesty I myself have that. BUT I got into a bad habit of "assumption" in talking on the board. In my r/l I regularly talk about how Em is part of our poly-family, and she's not sexually involved with any of us, but the love, the depth, is so much more than anyone we've ever had that with.But on the board there is SO much talk about sex... I fell in the trap.

MY DEEPEST APOLOGIES!!!!!! (no sarcasm, true sincerity here, I know that's hard to see in type, so I want to be sure everyone knows!)

"Love As Thou Wilt"
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