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Default joining the group here

Hi, I am D, my wife of 24 years is also D and we have been in a poly triad with our male friend J since march of this year. Female D is the hinge and things are so far going pretty well. J lives with us now but due to work is only here on the weekends. We split the time as best we can with them having at least 1 private night a week together. Would be more but as states he is only here on the weekends. D (female) is very happy and J and D are now "in love" Male D is happy for them although I do sometimes feel some a tad jealous but have delt with it quite well I think. J and I are long time since we were in middle school long Don't know where this is headed or how long it will last but D and J are happy together and she says the sex is fantastic. So far it has actually brought D and myself closer believe it or not and she gets what she needs without cheating. D has always been highly sexed......good for me for many years but now she is getting all she needs. We all spend time together and all enjoy each others company although we do wish he was here more.
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