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New to this forum, not to polyamory. My partner (J) and I started sleeping together casually about 7 years ago and decided about 3 years ago that we should date for real. We were monogamous for a year, then he met someone that was poly and there was mutual interest. We discussed it - it wasn't necessarily hard because of our past and how we know each other - and decided that we would take it slow but figure out how to be poly in a committed relationship. We have both had casual partners but nothing serious until recently.

In February, I met a paramour (B). He is mono and always has been. I approached him about the idea and he seemed interested. It started fairly slow, with him figuring out how to be in a poly relationship. We eventually slept together, which was a big conversation for J and I and a big step in our polyamory. Unfortunately, I had to call things off with B earlier this week due to conflicts in the relationship. I am grateful for the time we had but it had run it's course. We'll see what happens next.

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