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Originally Posted by redsirenn View Post
QUOTE – (From Grounded Spirit)

“You now can put sexual desires right out on the table and discuss & deal with them intelligently all the while keeping the real foundations of a loving relationship separate. It's JUST SEX !”

- Ahhh be careful. Maybe to you sex can be “just” sex. To others it can mean a lot more! Some only have sex if they love someone. Some find it spiritual and share it with only a few or one person in their lives. And while I am at it - I have met several couples who do monogamy well, and DO NOT SUFFER – as some here might put it. They are Happy! Fulfilled! And have honest and open conversations with each other. There are a lot of ways to achieve happiness and bliss within both relationship paradigms, just as there are situations when it may not work.
Hi RS,

Me and you should start a 'can'ning factory ? Maybe 'can'ed lube ?
And we'll be in agreement that 'sex' CAN be most anything to most anybody !
And monogamy absolutely CAN work !

And I don't think even that the vast majority of poly minded people would disagree with any of that for a minute !

So I assume the reason you brought out the canning jars was....maybe to point out that broad generalized statements do not constitute rules ?
And they don't !
For every majority there's a corresponding minority. (seems poly is definitely a minority). For every rule there's an exception.
But I still would stand by the theory that any relationship that was founded SOLELY on sex - spiritual or otherwise - was a fragile one at best.
And although I also agree that there are wonderful people who CAN only be sexual with someone where a deep, loving relationship exists, I equally acknowledge that those people are historically a minority and that much of that dependency is due to repression of our natural sexuality.
Sex CAN be just sex - and really good too - for everyone.
And it seems the growth in polyamory is at least partially due to the awareness and acknowledgment of that.
T'weren't my idea

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