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Originally Posted by Windchasers View Post
In the culture of monogamy, all human lives are sacred and protected, including those of the unborn, the handicapped, and the elderly. In the culture of polyamory, about one-third of unborn babies are aborted, and the handicapped and elderly are unwelcome and increasingly vulnerable to early “termination.”[/I]
One wonders (okay, I don't actually wonder) if they did any research at all. From my experiences, I've found the poly community in general, and the people I know personally, to be far more accepting of people that are disabled. I also have found far less ageism, both socially and in a dating context.

I also question the abortion statistic, as the poly people I know practice safer sex with the same degree of zeal that the article's authors practice their religion, which I would think would lead to far few unintended pregnancies.
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