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Cool Greetings from AB, Canada....

Hello All !

I am a 33 yr old, polyamorous married woman, from Alberta, Canada.

I have just recently ended my first 'knowingly' polyamorous relationship with a old friend. It didn`t work out in the end, but I am not bitter.

I learned a lot along the way.

I believe I experienced a couple of other poly relationships when I was younger, I just didn`t realize that there was a label, for what I was doing.

My husband is supportive, and he identifies currently as ' Poly-friendly ' He is interested in a possible relationship with a woman, but taking his time, getting a better understanding before he jumps in.

I am also bisexual, but we are not specifically hunting for a relationship that only caters to that aspect. With open minds, we chose to pick great people, rather then focusing only one way.

Hmmm,..What else ? I love sports, the outdoors, reading, riding, cycling, am not a nerd in real life, but become one, when I watch tv

Anyhow,..thanks for having me !
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