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Originally Posted by northhome View Post
Maybe it's time to redefine 'poly' to exclude that category of relationship. Then you can just tell them to piss off since they don't belong here (which is sort of what is happening already in a rather tedious, long-winded sort of fashion).
I assume you are being sarcastic?

The counter argument is polyamory simply mean loving more than 1. This site (and I know that this ISN'T true) may seem any triad but redefining poly itself so it only suits the "relationship structures" that the people on this site believe to be viable.. is just plain bullshit. Everyone has a right to want, need, crave and try to do what they do.

There are successful triads, short term and long term. If people in poly would stop trying to pigeon hole the relationship structure and simply work on the relationships they would likely be a lot further ahead.
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