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so I went for a what I think would be considered a date? It was weird and m wasn't able to be present as he was watching our children. She has been in the life of poly for a while so is familiar with it. Talk was easy and comfortable and nothing was off limits in our conversation. She was very down to earth and had a lot of the same interests but also had some things that we don't do that I thought would be very interesting to try. M was pacing the house whole time and even got some cleaning done lol.
While things are still interesting with c our first insterest I'm not sure she is really sure what this is what she is looking for beyond the sexual idea of it. But like m and I said there's no harm in seeing what could develope out of it because just because we don't share the same ideals doesn't mean it will be bad because we want to be flexible with our prespective "unicorns". Though I'm already finding hunting unicornia a bit taxing at time I feel like I will grow from the experiences this journey takes us on. M also has a fear that I'm going to love whomever enters our life more then him I understand his fears and have been reassuring him its not about loving someone else more its about multiplying the love I have and he has for other people. I may end up loving a quality more about one or the other but i believe its like my love for my children I don't love one or the other more I love different things about each of them. But I don't love one more because they do or don't do a certain thing that the other does. I understand that there will always been small jelousys on each of our parts with certain aspects but I believe as long as we voice our insecurities and are open with one another we can be reassuring and help put out the flames of doubt.
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