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Default hold your horses.

(From Grounded Spirit)

“You now can put sexual desires right out on the table and discuss & deal with them intelligently all the while keeping the real foundations of a loving relationship separate. It's JUST SEX !”
- Ahhh be careful. Maybe to you sex can be “just” sex. To others it can mean a lot more! Some only have sex if they love someone. Some find it spiritual and share it with only a few or one person in their lives. And while I am at it - I have met several couples who do monogamy well, and DO NOT SUFFER – as some here might put it. They are Happy! Fulfilled! And have honest and open conversations with each other. There are a lot of ways to achieve happiness and bliss within both relationship paradigms, just as there are situations when it may not work.

(From Loving Radiance)

“Sorry-wanted to be helpful, but you lost me right here.
How is being with someone who insists that only the two of you can have sex polyamory????
Just a bit lost here.”
- And here too. Poly can very well mean that sex isn’t involved. There are lots of ways that people love and express that love. There are also many sexual or non sexual states that people fall into. Poly can mean WHATEVER anyone wants it to mean, am I wrong here?
- Now, in this case it might not mean that – it feels more like she wants him to be mono, not poly. BUT I wanted to make the point that a couple COULD be poly and have loving relationships with others that do not involve sex… ever. It is possible.

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