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Default This is one end

Iím going to start a new blog for a couple of reasons at least. Firstly, I dislike how the title of this one doesnít fit when things are rough. Secondly, I had a few false starts on here in terms of naming people and pacing the narrative. Iíd like to try again afresh.

This has been something Iíve been thinking of doing for a while, and if I don't try it, I won't know if was a good idea

I may still dabble in this sandpit for a while. See what happens. Thanks for everyone who's journeyed here with me so far.

A final point: ratings. Itís a strange thing to have your blog rated. Iíd like to not notice and not give a shit, but I find that I do notice and I do give a shit. Bleargh.

Obviously I donít know why people have rated this blog a particular way. But I do know that if I do the best I can, and write in a way that pleases me, it wonít really matter what anyone elseís opinion is. I believe that peopleís judgment of me bothers me only as much as Iím disappointed in my own efforts. So, take two.
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