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I don't generally offer up the information to people randomly.
My family and my friends know. But a lot of that is that they simply know me-so it was more just a matter of knowing that yes everyone was being honest and no Maca wasn't "out of the loop".
But even then, for the most part it was within conversation that the topic came up, not because I jumped in and said "oh by the way we decided we're poly".
My sister was HERE the night I gave Maca the letter, so I did tell her. I felt it would be wrong to potentially subject her to his emotional fallout-without forewarning. (she had recently moved in so there was no "better day" to give it to him). But others it's been in context of a conversation that it FIT with.
For example, if someone is talking about how they feel that sleeping with another person while married is cheating blah blah, I'll offer up that I don't NECESSARILY agree and feel it depends on the married couples understanding of marriage which will generally lead to taklign about my beliefs on relationships, dynamics, honesty, integrity etc, which depending on how things go may lead to explaining OUR life choices and why we've made them (that's happened a couple times).
But "out and about"-if they are curious I would answer, but I dont' think I'd randomly explain myself-that to me would suggest that I myself believe I'm doing something wrong..

I haven't encountered GG's co-workers yet this year, but I expect at some point we will encounter either co-workers, friends or family and one of my concerns is how that will go-not for the reasons generally brought up on the forum.

I will be unimpressed if he pulls his hand from mine or steps away a little to put some distance between us...It bothers me to think he might not acknowledge who I am TO HIM. I know he has MANNERS-he would introduce me, but I don't want to be introduced as "my friend" or "my roommate".
I do recosnize that there are some situations it would need to be that way (at least in theory). But... I guess I'd prefer he be willing to acknowledge that I'm his girlfriend as a "rule of thumb".......

Ok-sorry, that was a lot of info not answering your question.
As I said-I find your topic VERY personally interesting. Sorry if I expanded unreasonably on your thread!!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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