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Hi everyone :3

I have been reading some of the stories posted by the Forum veterans and newbies. Thank you all for sharing your experiences and wisdom - although some of us do not participate in discussions we do watch and learn.

I had this overwhelming desire to say "hi" to everyone for sometime now! Today, for some reason, I decided not to battle it. So here it is ~~~ :3 *waves* I guess it's Forum etiquette to say a little about myself so here we go.

I met a special lady when I was at University. It may sound cheesy but it was love at first sight. That was my first serious relationship and I felt the timing was just right - being at University together and working/studying by each other's side was a pleasure.

Little did I know that this lady was bisexual! In fact not too long after we embarked on our relationship she told me that she was lesbian up until deciding to date me. I met her girlfriend, she is a real sweetheart <3 One thing led to another and we got married =3 yay <3 But I still call her girlfriend even though we've been together as a married couple for years.

The girls encouraged me to make another girlfriend - they thought it would be nice for me because they do spend a lot of time abroad together. But to be honest I wasn't really interested, because my sweetie and my career are my best lovers. I don't have a relationship with her girlfriend and I never will. Luckily she doesn't enjoy the intimate company of men so this is perfect for me. x'3

A few years ago I did meet another girl and we fell for each other. She was already in a serious relationship, so it seemed just right for us both (for some reason I feel that going into a second relationship with a girl that isn't attached would be unfair for her and complicated). We shared a very happy 8 months together, but shortly after her boyfriend proposed to her she suggested that we ought to leave our partners and "just be together". I wasn't willing to do that though.

I did spend a few weeks in fear of my life because she is a surgeon - I thought I'd wake up one morning to find my organs are being sold on EBay. However, it all ended positively - she is happily married and we occasionally speak on the phone as friends.

I'm not sure if I am wearing my head the right way round but I feel happy, stable and loved =3
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