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Turns out he had a tick borne disease called anaplasmosis, which eats blood cells. Very serious, and it took a while for the docs to figure out what it was and get him on the right antibiotic. He was in the hospital for a week. But good news is he's recovering nicely. We've had 3 or 4 lovely visits-- in fact, he just left.

We had our usual good sex sessions in between listening to my new old vinyl albums, Donovan, Lou Reed (I've collected about 100 albums in the past year). Did I say good sex? I meant great. Went like this: SEX, cuddles, records, singing along, chatting, cuddles leading to more SEX, then 2nd side of Donovan, and he was back off home to deal with a broken hot water heater.

Makes me feel like a teenager again, doing that with him. Not that I WAS a teenager when Donovan was in his heyday... more of a preteen, heh. "Wear your love like heaven..."

Miss Pixi left yesterday with my son to spend a week in the Fingerlakes, where she hails from. First a 4 day music fest, then a visit with her family, and sightseeing. I've gone with her the last 4 years and didn't want to go this year. Our move has been enough excitement for me, and our dog needs her meds and care. I can have a nice week to continue to organize and home decorate, which is my favorite hobby. Well, besides sex.

Plus its SO hot. 95 at a music fest? No thanks.

Plus, I caught a cold which turned into a sinus infection for which I needed antibiotics. So no sooner did Ginger get off 'em, than Mags got on 'em.

On Sunday, Ginger and I are going to go on an actual date, as our energy levels allow. He just told me there's a weekly flea market in the town just south of his! I had no idea. Squee!
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