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Originally Posted by northhome View Post
You know, it is just possible that some people are OK with an 'inherently unfair' setup. Hard to believe I know, especially for people who are dedicated to political correctness, equality etc. etc.
You know, political correctness and equality are not actually the same thing right?
I don't demand equality for the sake of being PC, but because it is what I need in my core. However, in the case of people being happy with a secondary set up, that is one thing, but having someone else (in this case, the wife) control your relationship is not necessarily a key aspect of being a secondary.

The 'third wheel' has a much easier exit route if things don't work out.....
Of course, as in the secondary thing I was referring to above, these are the people who are happy being secondary, have their own lives, interest and other relationships and will not lose, not only one (or two) relationships, but sometimes their homes when things go pear shaped and that is always worth considering when you think about being in a relationship where your needs and wants come last.
(by the way, I have not mentioned the designed inequality of a D/s relationship, which is fine also).

So madeintexas806 has a point. If someone is willing to accept the downsides
I suppose my question to MadeinTexas was...are the 'downsides' she mentions on this thread ones she promotes to prospective partners?
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