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So, she messaged him the next day that she had a good time but didn't really feel that there was any "chemistry" between them. Which Dude is perfectly okay with - after all, what are the chances? He really likes meeting new people regardless of where things end up going. She is still interested in meeting up with all of us - so I sent her a message via OKC that we are game for that when the boys get back. (I checked with Dude first that he was okay with this - don't want him to feel like I am "sniping" his potentials.)

Baby steps. Dude went on his first "date" and I didn't have a second of anxiety. I've got one hurdle under my belt now. Which gives me more confidence for the next round. (I have no qualms from a theoretical stand-point, mind you, but I sometimes get blind-sided by my emotional responses - did not happen.)

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