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Default you know, if you weren't such a cock smoker

about everything, all the assumptions that you are wrong about, everything you misunderstand , and every parts you are adamant we can't experience or can't know with any certainty, you probably wouldn't even have to ask, and some child talking about something totally unrelated would mention something key that you are missing, but you wouldn't even know it because they things you intentionally lie about, just to try to get someone to show, are obvious, and I honestly do not know of males who are not too stupid to ever figure it out.

and you never will fully understand so long as you do not hold the truth sacred, you don't understand time, so how can you understand what it feels like to the soul, which you say is nothing to the physical existence.

the soul is physical of the spiritual, but you are correct, that you and everyone else is free to believe what they see and think is real, and some call that being that it doesn't really matter.

Everything is buried here, and somethings will remain here until when when it damn near freezes absolutely , and the day that it does cease to exist, and stops, so will what remained here.

if you are but a blip you are free to be as nothing as you choose to be or as you believe to be.

You believe you are being honest with admitting your insignificance, it is not honesty, it is the same bitterness that you attempt to maintain undeserved control over others.

violating those who are aware, and even those who are unaware is bitterness, and you honestly do not understand that it is those who literally are no aware of what you do without permission, because when they are further along than you and know far more as well as understand they will be the ones more pissed off that took the liberty to enter sacred space without permission , and those who actually did it will not be held accountable, for they are not responsible for what they did not understand, and you believe it is up to us to decide what is right and wrong.

and you expect me to believe that you fail to understand what mistakes and justifications even if only in hind sight due to your previous ignorance, you are telling me that you didn't kjnow?

some jokes are funny, and some are not. You fail to understand how our lives a much more responsible for others fate, and you see that as not mattering as it is relative and all evens out, I will tell you because I feel sorry for you, because when it becomes apparent we are far more respsonsible for how others experience life and there decisions, when you minimize your impact, once you do understand, can be responsible for the filfthiest circumstances your body can walk through, and both soul and spirit nothing, not one blemish nothing lost no trace connection as in free not bound, and if you listened to those before you you would would uinderstand. that even those who minimize every possible negative influence, shit just happens sometimes and for that reason alone you say fuck it, that it isn't even worth it to understand, I have witnessed those who I thought would never make it through, not even if broke the rules and chose for them.

and it was it honesty

the only way that you will not be ward of any court or any law of anything

but you are foolish if you believe you can decide to do that, or cut loose and be wreckless, or not have a heart so pure you do not know the difference between honest thoughts and temporary emotions . and there is no middle of the row, and I can say fuck off, as I am being honest in my words with you. And you are not

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