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Well, after lurking your forum for a few weeks, and Googling every combination of the term I could come up with, I decided to register and introduce myself.
I am female, in my early 40's with 3 adult children. I am currently a senior in college having gone back to school after my children were raised. I am currently in a long distance relationship with a married couple. They have been married for 32 years. We have been together for 4. They want me to move in with them once I graduate. Right now college prevents me from going anywhere as I have scholarships fully funding me and as far along as I am (and at the age I am) I cannot simply start all over trying to get money at a new school. However, this is not an issue, they both understand it. I am very bi, as is the wife. The husband is strait. We currently spend about 2 weeks together twice a year. That's all our schedules will afford us. I love them both very much, and I believe them both when they tell me the same. What I do not know, however, is if it would work for me to move to be with them full time. No matter the dynamic of our relationship behind closed doors, to society they will always be the married couple and I will always be the tag along friend. This, I'm not sure if I can handle emotionally. So I guess I found myself here simply looking at other people's experiences to see if anyone has had anything similar and if it worked, or if it failed epically. Either way, nice to say hello to the people behind the lives I have been reading about for a couple of weeks now.
On a side note I really cannot stand the captcha, lol, one of the words is always almost impossible for me to read.
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