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Post Understanding

Ariakas thank you so much for helping me understand the meeting people. It has been really hard for us and I know this kind of lifestyle is not for everyone. I mean when we do tell people we live this kind of lifestyle they seem to turn away and think we are just crazy. But I guess living in a small well rounded sorta city it isn't going to be easy for us at all. The search will continue

Nycindie...We are looking for friendship first and then see where that leads. We are longing for that love relationship. Like the Sister Wives say...Love is to be multiplied not devided. We have so much to offer. I know someday we will find someone who has the same mind set as us. I mean I guess you can say we are kinda picky. We both have an agreement that we both have to be on the same page with that other person. We both feel that it cant be just one sided on any parts. What is your advice on my post?

Everyone have a wonderful evening...
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