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Hi, Welcome to the forum.

I had something very much like your experience happen to me and it was one of the best things in my life.

I'm married and have a nice wife, though we had some rough periods and during one of these there was a woman in Texas I'd begun spending a lot of time with on-line.

I knew her for about a year and a half (I outlasted two of her boyfriends) and even my wife became friendly with her, but it became sad for me because there seemed to be no "happy ending" - she lived far away and to see her meant to leave my wife and family alone ... and to not see her was just tearing me up, but one day she suggested coming to live with us ... now that was a beautiful thought It took months of talking with my wife to show her that it wouldn't be all bad for her either and eventually we both went to meet her.

We stayed there for 10 days and I was surprised how well everyone got along (like I said, my wife had already been talking with her some and they'd already been friendly and my wife had even been sympathetic to her for various reasons).

Ultimately, she never did come to live with us largely due to long-distance miscommunication and difficulty for her, but it ended up bringing me and my wife closer together ... and showed there's a better way to do things than the stereotype of how things are suppose to be.

Thank you for sharing your experiences here and I the best for all of you
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