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somewhere between coming out and poly dating, ... there is this middle area.

i've seen gays and lesbians make it a big issue to put it in everyone's face that they're only interested in their own gender. i find this annoying and rubs me the wrong way as some major insecurities.

where do you draw the line between "this is me" (as opposed to saying nothing) and have to make it well known ?

where do you draw the line between saying enough so that people know where your coming from without it being too much ?

somewhere between keeping it to yourself and no one knowing and making sure everyone knows because you don't want to give the wrong impressions.

leaving it to only those people that ask, leaving it to only those people your interested to tell them, ... you can't meet people if you don't share what your interests are because they'll assume monogamy. but if you tell everyone so that they do know, so that those who understand and are open to the idea, so you can see who is approachable and available, ... where do you step back between saying enough and rubbing it in everyones face ???
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